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The Only Checklist You’ll Need For Choosing The Perfect Venue

It is extremely important to choose the right venue for your event; it sets the tone for the entire event, so how do you ensure that you choose correctly? It is crucial that you ensure a venue is exactly right for your event before signing a contract. To help you make this difficult decision, we have curated a set of big-ticket items that you must ensure fits your vision for the event. 

1. The cost

Before you put your name on the dotted line, you must know exactly what’s included in the price of the venue. Your budget is the most important aspect of any event, and it is important that you consider all options before deciding on a venue. Pricing is never black-and-white, no matter your expectations or experience, and each venue will calculate their pricing differently. Looking into your options can make a big difference and maybe even save your budget. 

Remember to confirm – and have written in the contracts – every detail of your event, including date, time and cost. Don’t be afraid to negotiate during this process, and being flexible with certain details (such as date and time) can also help to ensure you stick to your budget. 

2. The Location

When booking a venue, it is recommended that you find a location that is convenient for not only the duration of the event but for guests. Be sure to check public transport links, onsite and offsite parking as well as airport access. 

3. The Timing

It can be really tough finding the perfect date to suit your occasion, with several factors having the ability to influence the decision. Of course, you cannot control the weather, yet you can choose your date based on seasons; summer will obviously produce warmer weather while winter will provide colder weather. If you do choose an outside event in any season, ensure that your host has a backup plan in case the weather does not hold up. 

One issue with choosing based on season is the consideration of peak times. To get the best timing for each season, you have to book in advance. However, if you cannot book in advance, many venues provide last-minute bargains that could help you along the way. But, we would not recommend relying on this last option. 

4. The Capacity

Along with your budget, one factor that can help with the elimination of unnecessary venues is the guest capacity. It is crucial that you decide on a venue or location that is the right size. A way of creating a lively environment for your event is to choose a location that is just able to accommodate the number of guests you expect. 

If you’re promoting an event without a definite guest list, it is important to take into consideration that your event might receive more guests than expected. In this case, it is best not to choose a space that is just right but a space that is more roomy. 

5. The Style

Don’t be afraid to be specific when choosing a location. By choosing one that fits your event style and theme, you can actually save money. Different events require different needs, for example, a Christmas party needs different requirements than a Christmas dinner. And, it is possible to find a location that is right for your celebration.

When searching for the ideal location, it’s best to find venues that have hosted similar events in the past so they understand what needs are to be met in order to make your occasion special. Due to this, it is best if you start planning your event by defining your event through easy themes to ensure you find the right location.

6. The Layout

Choosing between a lecture space, a board room, a cabaret style or a dining layout for your event depends on what type of interaction you’re hoping your guests will have. It is common for venues to be able to adapt their spaces to accommodate your preferences in layout, so when booking, be sure to have a set layout in place to ensure that they can achieve your vision. 

Sometimes it is unclear whether a space is a perfect fit for your occasion until you visit it. So if you’re searching for specific elements such as a reception and/or ceremony area for a wedding or a dressing room suitable for a live performance, it is recommended that you visit all locations before signing a contract.